Why choose grandmaster

We give back value from the start, using multi-asset-class financial products and intelligent fiscal strategies.

We are known for the prudence and soundness of our planning: We want to help our clients secure a comfortable financial future for themselves and their loved ones.


The intelligent goal is to get you from point A to point B. We want it to generate the most money in your pockets and as fast as possible, but still… getting you from point A to point B!

We are not trying to ride waves or play casino; The portfolio we offered to our clients with no pension plans did -8% during the 2008 crash vs -22% for US stocks, -26% for international stocks & -33% for Canadian stocks !!!*

We offer intelligent funds with great foundations and excellent management teams backed by decades-long track records.

Active management

We have come to master the products we invest in and developed privileged relationships with our favourite portfolio managers.

In today’s markets, where tendencies are heading towards self-managing one’s own wealth, great active management is a game changer!

We have teams of industry experts that analyze investment opportunities as a full-time job, while you go on with your life and focus on your own expertise.

Tax considerations

We offer intelligent tax planning to each of our clients. This will greatly help you to keep more money for you and your loved ones.

Intelligent tax planning strategies such as classification of revenue and withdrawal scheduling allow us to optimize net return on investments. The returns from an intelligent tax planning can often be as important as the returns of the product itself!

The Value of independence

Most financial advisors are in a captive relationship with their financial institution: They are legally constrained to offer solely their employer’s reduced pool of products.

In most cases, their remuneration is completely dependent of the profitability they bring to their employer. Only after comes the client’s interest…

Our independence allows us to both eliminate sales incentives detrimental to our clients and choose the products we want to offer. That means we advise on investment products only if we believe they are the optimal solution for our client’s best interest.

We believe intellectual honesty is what will set us apart and rise above as the new standards of personal financial services.

Our philosophy

We are passionate about empowering individuals and families.

Our knowledge allows us to help you save amounts of money you might have otherwise never have taught you could and achieve your financial objectives while keeping the appropriate risk level assuring you total peace of mind.

With High Tech, markets are flooded with noise… Intellectual honesty has become an extremely rare quality.

*: All returns are based on 2008 calendar year(CY). -8.42% 2008CY RoR attributable to the portfolio we offered clients without pension plans. The portfolio we offered to clients with pension plans in 2008CY did -12.89%. US stocks RoR represented by S&P 500 Total Return hedged in CAD (-21.92%). International stocks RoR represented by MSCI World Index Total Return CAD Hedged (-33.00%). Canadian stocks RoR represented by S&P/TSX Composite Index Total Return (-26.05%). We will gladly provide more information about our portfolio returns upon request. You can reach us by using the Contact Us info below, or by submitting a form using the Contact Us link at the top right of the page.